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Introducing Ultra Premium EV Olive Oils

Gustare now proudly features Ultra Premium (UP) brand extra virgin olive oils, innovated by our exclusive importer and launched recently in the U.S.

UP EVOs exceed world standards for olive oil quality. It is the freshest and finest olive oil in the world today. Our commitment is to offer only the highest quality of freshness without sacrificing balanced flavor or, most importantly, the health benefits associated with a Mediterranean diet.

For more information on the unique chemistry of UP branded products, visit You can also search Gustare’s selection of UP olive oils under the “VARIETALS” filter in our online shop.

We introduced our first UP brand varietals from Spain earlier this year. Oro Bailen and Estepa are award winning EV Olive Oils from the 2012 late harvest. These uniquely designed 500ml bottles provide a flavorful gift for the true olive oil connoisseur. Learn more about our featured UP Spanish EV Olive Oils during your holiday shopping.

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