AUTUMN CULINARY ADVENTURES IN ITALY    Catherine Ferraresi, Co-owner of Gustare Oils & Vinegars recently traveled to Europe during the autumn harvest season.  She attended an informative, full day cooking class at the Culinary Institute of Bologna (CIBO)  ( seeking inspiration for recipe development in Gustare Test Kitchen.  Catherine’s desire was to learn the traditions … Continued

Winter Recipes for Holiday Cheer

This holiday season, try giving your ham a Gustare twist for some added flavor with our Balsamic Glazed Ham recipe. It calls for New England Maple balsamic vinegar, though we are starting to favor Blood Orange extra virgin olive oil as a substitute. After scoring the ham, brush the entire ham liberally with approximately 1/4 cup … Continued

Make Meatloaf ‘Marvelous’ For Game Day

When it comes to watching the Patriots every Sunday, Team Gustare has no problem munching brats or burgers. But we like to spice up the menu, too. One of our favorite, hearty meat-and-potato combos is our Marvelous Meatloaf with Lemon Mash. It’s perfect for game day. The meatloaf is enhanced with a combo of Savory … Continued

Flavors of Fall, Autumn Breakfast

  Showcasing breakfast this fall, we love using our autumn inspired flavored balsamic vinegars like Red Apple, Cinnamon-Pear and New England Maple. In this photo, we serve Overnight Stuffed French Toast with Red Apple Balsamic Syrup, along with Red Apple Balsamic Glazed Bacon. For something oh-so New England seasonal and not typically something you see … Continued

Caprese Cut For Flashy Flavor

The Caprese salad is one of the most essential and easy-to-make Italian dishes. We love it in almost every form but recently started to use this creative application for hosting guests at home. It puts a unique twist on a common recipe and gets your guests talking. All this takes is a few carefully placed cuts to the … Continued

The Sweet Stuff – Gustare’s Dessert Lineup

Sweet tooth? You might want to be in the neighborhood of 425 Main Street in Chatham this Saturday, Sept. 17, to satisfy that craving. For our weekly “Tasty Saturday,” we’ll be sharing samples of Dark Chocolate Chip & Pecan Cookies made with Phoenician Extra Virgin Olive Oil. No butter, no worries! The naturally creamy taste of … Continued

Balsamic Splashes in New Smoothie Recipes

This drink tastes much too good to be healthy. With a gorgeous green color, it just looks like a glass of pure rejuvenation and renewal — and it truly is. Our Verde Smoothie is sweetened only by the natural fruit it contains. A generous handful of fresh baby spinach supplies a multitude of vitamins, minerals … Continued