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Gustare Gourmet Named a Best Place to Work

C&P Business Media names Gustare Gourmet as one of the 2023 Best Places to Work (sponsored by BRABO).

Company Culture:
Gustare is the kind of place you walk into and, like a spa, are treated to calming aromas of olive oil.  Everyone there, while busy working, has an air of relaxation.  Working throughout the long retail day comes with a calm consistency unlike any other retail store I’ve experienced. You can feel it the second you walk in.  Smiles and genuine “how are yous” all around. Catherine and Dave are great at making new employees feel welcome and everyone becomes like family. They encourage employees to have a close relationship and help each other. I was pregnant with twins last year and had to take some days off for doctor appointments. Other employees were happy to cover for me, often without being asked. I think this is because a friendly work environment is encourages where everyone supports each other and works as a team.

Employee awards and incentives:
Every year after the busy holiday season, Gustare’s owners throw the most extraordinary culinary experience for staff. Delighted by company related quizzes, gifts, stories and laughter, the holiday party is a condensed version of the continuous praise to all after really difficult and busy days.

Advancement and/or training opportunities:
In retail, it is difficult to pursue professional development outside of the walls of the business. That said, Gustare offers challenges tot heir staff continuously, as well as giving responsibility to those who earn it. The room for growth goes from the very bottom to a management level. I have seen hard workers make their way up from trainee to store manager. Nurture is the method of advancement.

First, staff will be elevated to keyholder or manager. To hire in retail, staff will be asked for referrals. Word of mouth goes a long way. Hiring from outside is regular practice too, especially when hiring young (high school ages) people to work through the busy summer months.

Communication via email, phone, and text, is prevalent and easy. Internal communication via written notes from one shift team to another is also standard practice. And I neve, ever felt uncomfortable asking for help or a favor. Catherine and Dave are the easiest people to talk to. I refer to them as by Business Parents.

Above and beyond:
During COVID pandemic lockdown, Gustare donated their highest quality olive oil to the Family Table Collaborative so that community members receiving meals were treated to nutritious, quality food. Catherine and Dave also allow for maternity and paternity leave in equal measure. They sell goods made by local businesses including employees who have their own business. Partnering with other local businesses, Gustare regularly makes brides’ dreams come true with special gifts and favors. They always give as much as they can to their employees (there is always chocolate around, and this is great), their community, and their customers.

Giving back to the community:
Gustare supports a wide range of nonprofits and local organizations focused on improving the quality of life for Cap Cod residents and enhancing human services available tot he less fortunate. Those efforts include various fundraising, sponsorship and volunteerism through Cap and Islands United Way, Cap Abilities, Monomoy Community Services, Cap Cod Commercial Fishermen’s Alliance, Family Table Collaborative and many others.

Message to Team Gustare:
We were honored to receive this award which reflects your dedication to providing a memorable guest experience at Gustare Gourmet.

Your engaging enthusiasm for our premium gourmet EVOO, balsamic vinegars and gourmet pantry items has built our respected Gustare brand on Cape Cod since 2009.

Thank you for your dedication and support as our wonderful Team Gustare.

-Dave Ferraresi, Founder & Co-owner

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