Winter Recipes for Holiday Cheer

Wintertime TableThis holiday season, try giving your ham a Gustare twist for some added flavor with our Balsamic Glazed Ham recipe. It calls for New England Maple balsamic vinegar, though we are starting to favor Blood Orange extra virgin olive oil as a substitute.

After scoring the ham, brush the entire ham liberally with approximately 1/4 cup of Blood Orange EVO and roast according to instructions. Remove and brush with Balsamic Glaze, return to oven and patiently wait.

Also on our wintertime table, and for your Christmas considerations:

Shaved Brussels Sprouts with Olive Oil & Parmigiano, which is outstanding with a combination of peppery Arbequina EVO plus Whole Fruit Lemon EVO.

Flourless Chocolate Cake topped with fresh raspberries. This gluten-free recipe is a must for any innovative bakers in the household. Blood Orange EVO does all the work.