The Sweet Stuff – Gustare’s Dessert Lineup

Sweet tooth? You might want to be in the neighborhood of 425 Main Street in Chatham this Saturday, Sept. 17, to satisfy that craving. For our weekly “Tasty Saturday,” we’ll be sharing samples of Dark Chocolate Chip & Pecan Cookies made with Phoenician Extra Virgin Olive Oil. No butter, no worries! The naturally creamy taste of … Continued

Balsamic Splashes in New Smoothie Recipes

This drink tastes much too good to be healthy. With a gorgeous green color, it just looks like a glass of pure rejuvenation and renewal — and it truly is. Our Verde Smoothie is sweetened only by the natural fruit it contains. A generous handful of fresh baby spinach supplies a multitude of vitamins, minerals … Continued

Eureka! Discovering the Ideal Table Olives

Earlier this summer, following years of hunting from Europe to California, we finally discovered the perfect table olives. After devouring them by the jar and identifying our personal favorites, Gustare began selling them in the shops. The early harvest olives from southern Spain are handpicked and cured using a third-generation producer’s family recipe for low salt brines. The process … Continued

Chefs Tap Gustare For Fresh Inspiration On Dishes

Savory vegetarian enchiladas. Fruity, chocolatey desserts. Breakfast potatoes and eggs. As some Cape Cod chefs have exhibited, Gustare’s extra virgin olive oils and balsamic vinegars have a wide range of applications that go well beyond Italian cuisine. Frequent guests understand from years of practice: tinkering with a drizzle here, and sautéing with a splash there, … Continued

Ballpark Fare, Gustare Style

This summer, Gustare became one of the corporate sponsors of the Chatham Anglers Cape Cod Baseball League club. On Tuesday (Aug. 2), as part of the final Anglers home game of the season, guests and fans will have a chance to sample and purchase “Gustare Jax” gourmet popcorn snacks at Veterans Field for the 7 … Continued

Tastes of Summer

The weather is warming and so are the waters around Cape Cod. As we find ourselves outside more for beach parties and backyard cookouts, now is a great time to experiment with Gustare’s twists on a couple Cape classics. Enjoy! Lobster Rolls with Herbes de Provence Aioli  Yes, we love lobster salad with mayonnaise! We don’t want to … Continued

Rosemary Lavender Sugar Scrub

This all-natural Gustare Test Kitchen sugar scrub exfoliates and leaves your skin satiny soft. Smells fantastic, too, with the relaxing, luxuriating essence of rosemary and lavender… Rosemary Lavender Sugar Scrub Prep Time: 5 minutes Yield: 2½ cups, approximately Ingredients: 1 cup Gustare Rosemary Olive Oil 2 cups granulated sugar 1 tbsp. dried lavender 30 drops … Continued

Balsamic Vinegar: Rooted Deep in Italian Tradition and Health Benefits

There’s something distinctly soothing about the rich, sweet flavor of true, traditionally aged balsamic vinegar. Today, food-conscious Americans are making it a staple in their pantries, as Italians have for generations. Recent studies have shown the great health benefits for reducing cholesterol and regulating insulin levels, for example. Vinegar has its powers. The Romans used … Continued

Ultra Premium Olive Oil in Focus in ‘Health & Wealth’

Dave Ferraresi authored an article for Cape & Plymouth Business’s “Health & Wealth” magazine about the innovative Ultra Premium (UP) category of olive oil that distinguishes the highest quality olive oil in the world. The UP standard, Dave wrote, “was created by our exclusive importer, Veronica Foods, in response to the growing need to separate high … Continued

Introducing Ultra Premium EV Olive Oils

Gustare now proudly features Ultra Premium (UP) brand extra virgin olive oils, innovated by our exclusive importer and launched recently in the U.S. UP EVOs exceed world standards for olive oil quality. It is the freshest and finest olive oil in the world today. Our commitment is to offer only the highest quality of freshness … Continued

Dave & Catherine’s ‘Taste of the Good Life’ Showcased in Cover Story

Dave and Catherine’s story of entrepreneurship made the cover of the Fall 2013 Cape & Plymouth Business’s “Health & Wealth” magazine. The article by editor Joy Jordan highlights the heavy lift that was Gustare’s inception, and how that hard work paid off for the purveyors of Cape Cod’s only extra virgin olive oil and balsamic … Continued

Edible Cape Cod: Gustare Test Kitchen ‘Like a Journey’ For Foodies

Writer Tom Dott joined Team Gustare in the Test Kitchen for a summer cooking journey that he detailed in his “Sizzling Summer” article in Edible Cape Cod. Dott wrote that Catherine and Dave’s passion for European-inspired gourmet cooking shows in how they “work tirelessly to create recipes available to anyone who wants to delve into something a … Continued