Protein Pancakes

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Pancakes are such a great way to start the day – until about 15 minutes later when they settle like a rock in the pit of your stomach and all you want to do is curl up and take a nap. Unlike those coma-inducing, sugar and carb-laden pancakes of old, these pancakes are lightly sweetened with banana, a touch of agave and packed with lean protein and heart-healthy grains and fats that will keep hunger pangs at bay, absolutely satisfy your tastebuds and truly power you through your day. Go get ’em!

Prep Time: 15-20 minutes (includes soak time)
Cook Time: 10-12minutes
Yield: 10-12 pancakes

Dietary Specifications:  dairy free, gluten free


1 cup unsweetened almond milk

¾ cup gluten-free oats

1¼ cup almond flour

½ tblsp. baking powder

¼ tsp. 1830 Sea Salt

1 small or ½ large ripe banana, mashed

¼ cup egg whites

¼ cup Gustare Sweet Butter Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1 tblsp. agave

6 tblsp. almond butter

3 tblsp. Gustare Bourbon Maple Balsamic Vinegar


  1. Soak oats in almond milk for 5 minutes. Prepare remaining ingredients during soak.
  2. Combine almond flour, baking powder and 1830 Sea Salt. Set aside.
  3. Mash banana. Stir together with egg whites, mixing well to combine. Add Gustare Sweet Butter olive oil and agave to banana mixture and stir.
  4. Stir wet ingredients into soaked oats.
  5. Add dry ingredients and stir to just combine. Allow to sit 10-15 minutes.
  6. Combine almond butter and Gustare Bourbon Maple balsamic vinegar. Mix well to form a smooth spread.
  7. Preheat oven to 180 degrees (to keep pancakes warm while you continue to cook the rest of the batch).
  8. Heat skillet over medium heat. Add 1 teaspoon Gustare Sweet Butter olive oil to cook pancakes, replenishing as needed throughout cooking. When ready to cook pancakes, lower heat to the setting halfway between low and medium.
  9. Drop ¼ cup pancake batter onto heated skillet. Cook approximately 6 minutes on first side. Flip gently and continue cooking several minutes, until golden brown. Keep warm in heated oven. Repeat cooking process with remaining batter.
  10. To serve, spread almond-bourbon “butter” generously over warmed pancakes, then drizzle with Bourbon Maple Balsamic Glaze (see recipe online). Enjoy!