Pressato - Crushed Olive Oils

The term Pressato or Agrumato is Italian and originally referred to a process developed in Italy of simultaneously crushing lemons or oranges with olives to produce exceptionally flavored olive oils. In addition to citrus, today this term is also used to refer to oils made with select herbs like basil and oregano, leeks and mint.

The process takes much longer than is usual for producing extra virgin olive oil and the low yield makes this product rare and precious.

To make Pressato-Agrumato oil, the mill must gather the best hand picked olives along with locally grown and perfectly ripe citrus fruit or fresh herbs. The exact ratios will vary based on the olives being used, the degree of ripeness of the fruit, the type of herb used, as well as other seasonal factors.

All types of Pressato-Agrumato olive oil are cold-extracted from the best olives picked in Puglia, Italy and pressed, within a few hours, with traditional granite millstones.

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