New Gourmet Products For All Tastes

This summer, Gustare expanded its offerings by sourcing a new line of “whole fruit” balsamic vinegars, plus some other new vinegars, extra virgin olive oils and Italian gourmet foods.

Come visit us at 461 Main Street in Chatham or at 4 North Street in Mashpee Commons to learn more. We’re thrilled at all of our new flavor profiles and look forward to sharing some tastes with guests.

Our new whole fruit balsamic vinegars are produced in Italy by Millpress Imports, slightly different than the natural, flavor-infused balsamics you’re used to tasting from Gustare. The new fruit balsamics are made with grape must and wine vinegar and aged up to 30 months before the whole fruits are incorporated into the “condimento.”

The whole fruit balsamic flavors include:
-Green Apple
-Italian Plum
-Passion Fruit
-Watermelon Rose

Gustare’s newest traditionally aged, flavor-infused balsamic vinegars and extra virgin olive oils include:
-Mexican Spice extra virgin olive oil
-Piedmont Honey & Pepper white balsamic vinegar
-Sweet Butter extra virgin olive oil
-Vanilla white balsamic vinegar

In addition to the flavor-infused oils, we also now offer a Picholine Romano extra virgin olive oil crushed in Italy in 2016. We believe it will become one of our guests’ favorite EVOO varietals. It boasts a high polyphenol content for a great health benefit, in addition to a medium aroma and robust taste. It’s an excellent complement to strong-flavored or spicy foods.

Aside from the balsamic vinegars, our new Vermouth barrel aged wine vinegar displays a wonderful botanical medley of spices, roots and herbs. Herbaceous, spicy, dry, and slightly woodsy, Vermouth is exceptionally delicious in pan sauces for fish and poultry, but try it with pork chops and in salad dressings.

For gifting, try our new Truffle Lover’s Gift Box, which includes Gustare White Truffle extra virgin olive oil, Black Truffle Sea Salt, Truffle Risotto, Truffle-Olive Salsa Spread, Parmigiano Reggiano Truffle Cream and a brushed silver pour spout.

Also, we have a number of new gourmet food items for your pantry. They include pastas, sauces, risottos and spreads imported from Italy.

Hope to see you soon in Chatham or Mashpee as you explore Gustare’s newest products. Enjoy!