Eureka! Discovering the Ideal Table Olives


Earlier this summer, following years of hunting from Europe to California, we finally discovered the perfect table olives. After devouring them by the jar and identifying our personal favorites, Gustare began selling them in the shops.

The early harvest olives from southern Spain are handpicked and cured using a third-generation producer’s family recipe for low salt brines. The process results in olives that are not only lower in salt content, but also naturally crunchy with a meaty texture.

IMG_20160901_132925182Olives of this quality are not commonly found on mainstream U.S. store shelves. The colossal Gordals and Manzanillos from an artisanal producer include gourmet stuffed variations and a unique sweet pickled garlic. If you’re an olive lover like us, these are a must-try!

We offer nine types in this category:

  • Whole Queen Olives
  • Pickled Spicy Cocktail
  • Garlic Stuffed Gordals
  • Green Chili Stuffed Gordals (below/left, with the lengthy fresh green chili pepper!) 
  • Red Chili Stuffed Gordals
  • Sweet Garlic Cloves
  • Whole Green Manzanillo Olives with Garlic and Rosemary
  • Manzanillo Stuffed with Spanish Almonds
  • Spicy Banderillas Picantes

IMG_20160901_134038235So, we finally have olives we’re really excited to share with guests. The Spanish producer clearly emulates the high-quality, Ultra Premium standards reflected in all of Gustare’s products. Swing by the shops and give them a nibble.

Chances are they’ll be sitting on your own table next to your favorite sandwich or cheese platter before you know it. Enjoy!