The Sweet Stuff – Gustare’s Dessert Lineup

Sweet tooth? You might want to be in the neighborhood of 425 Main Street in Chatham this Saturday, Sept. 17, to satisfy that craving.

Dark Chocolate Chip & Pecan CookiesFor our weekly “Tasty Saturday,” we’ll be sharing samples of Dark Chocolate Chip & Pecan Cookies made with Phoenician Extra Virgin Olive Oil. No butter, no worries! The naturally creamy taste of the Phoenician EVO brings out flavors butter cannot. You really must try one to believe it. But you’ll also learn Saturday how other varietals, such as Arbequina, are also outstanding substitute for butter in many dessert recipes.

The Chatham tasting room hosts Tasty Saturday each week to showcase how Gustare products can be used at home. Guests can take away a little taste of a featured recipe. Times vary and samples are limited, but we typically begin sharing around noon.

Here are three more dessert recipes, posted among nearly 200 original Gustare recipes online, that might also interest you when it’s time to whip up something sweet for your next dinner party:

whole-wheat-apricot-lime-newtownsWhole Wheat Apricot-Lime Newtons

Made without a bit of butter, these super-soft and chewy cookie bars are a healthy and flavorful twist on a classic childhood favorite.

The all-natural apricot filling and Persian Lime olive oil crust create a surprisingly bright, bold, lively, and almost effervescent sensation on the palate.

These are a great afternoon treat to serve with tea, or to pack with your kids’ lunches to give them a surprise at school.

Blood Orange Espresso ChurrosBlood Orange Espresso Churros

Ay, caramba, these churros are tasty with a gentle crispiness on the outside and soft sweetness on the inside. Plus, there’s the extra flavor of Blood Orange Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

We also created a trio of dipping sauces for you to serve them with: Chocolate Espresso Sauce, Unforgettable 18-Year Balsamic Dulce de Leche and Coconut Balsamic Fresh Mango-Lime Curd.

Espresso Cannoli Dip


Espresso Cannoli Dip

Using our Espresso Balsamic, this recipe is truly unique – like deconstructing a cannoli into a dessert dip. The chips can be cut ahead of time and stored in freezer until you are ready to fry them. Just pull what you need, and leave the rest in the freezer until the next occasion! Enjoy!