Balsamic Splashes in New Smoothie Recipes

This drink tastes much too good to be healthy. With a gorgeous green color, it just looks like a glass of pure rejuvenation and renewal — and it truly is.

Verde Smoothie (vertical)Our Verde Smoothie is sweetened only by the natural fruit it contains. A generous handful of fresh baby spinach supplies a multitude of vitamins, minerals and fiber, while simultaneously enhancing the drink’s visual appeal.

Avocado adds a luxurious creaminess and provides the healthy fat that will stave off hunger for hours.

We top it off with Lemongrass-Mint Balsamic Vinegar for a refreshing zing that will surely put the spring back in your step, even after a run or a tough workout.

And that’s not all. Try some of our other fabulous smoothie recipes developed by Kelly in the Chatham shop.

smooth moves chalkboardEach incorporates a disease-fighting traditional aged balsamic vinegar for added health benefits and flavor complexity (click on each title for the full recipes, shown at right on the Chatham shop’s chalkboard):

Hope you enjoy these! The recipes include variations to make your smoothies your own, based on your own tastes and the Gustare balsamics available in your pantry.

Let us know what you think next time you’re in the shop, or via email at info@gustareoliveoil.com.